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Thread: hi guys, i have a question please help me!

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    Default hi guys, i have a question please help me!

    Which lens is best for the macro photography??

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    That's a tough question to answer. What's your budget? What do you wish to shoot? What conditions are you planning to use it in? What camera do you use?

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    Macro Photography is simply explained as photographing small objects in larger than real life size.

    1) Depending on your camera format (Nikon/Canon/Olympus/Fuji etc) there are lenses marked 'Macro' for each of them. Macro lenses will be slightly expensive.

    2) You can also achieve Macro cheaper by extension tubes. This way you can use your existing lenses and go closer to your subject thus getting a macro effect. Research about them.

    3) You could buy supplementary lenses, which can be mounted to the front threads of your regular lens, allowing you to focus closer and hence get a macro effect. They may degrade image quality though.

    Typically macro Lenses would be marked as 1:1. Which means an object would be rendered in the same size on the sensor as its size in real life.
    Maybe you want bigger magnification than that. You can then go for a lens like a Canon MPE-65mm (roughly Rs 78k) but gives 5X the magnification.

    Nikon doesn't have a lens like that yet but you can buy the Laowa 25mm f/2.8 2.5-5X Ultra Macro (roughly Rs 30k). This can be bought for various kinds of mounts.

    Its generally better to have a Macro with a slighter longer focal length (like maybe 100mm and beyond) so you can stay a little away from your subject thus not cutting light falling on them. There are good third party macro lenses as well from Sigma, Tamron, Samyang etc.

    There are other ways too like using Nikon Microscopic Lenses or stacking two lenses front to back etc. But those are complex and I am not entering that territory for this post.

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