IndiaWilds follows a strict Full Name policy. People need to use their Full Names (First name followed by space and then second and last names) as user id. For eg. my user id is Sabyasachi Patra (First name Space Last name). Members are required to use their full form of their names rather than initials.

There are many people who have registered without full names and haven't mentioned their full names either. So we can't even update the user ids. Membership is not activated till we receive the Full Names. Most of the times, despite repeated reminders we get no response. In those cases, the membership is deleted. Over the last four years, we would have deleted hundreds of such user ids. At the moment there are lot of names pending activation as we are awaiting for Full Names.

When members register with their full names (which means full form and not initials), there are few benefits.
* People identify you as an unique individual.
* The credibility of your posts also increases.
* We also relate to members with their full names better.
* Duplication of user ids is avoided. for example there can be several Anand C or Praveen K etc.
* It also ensures that people cannot hide behind the anonymity of some assumed names or common names and indulge in conduct unbecoming of a gentleman.

So our future members as well as members who haven't given their Full Names should mail mail us at and give their full names.