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Thread: Broken Tail(Tale of an Indian Tiger)

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    Default Broken Tail(Tale of an Indian Tiger)

    Since Iam a person who works in the Pharma Industry, I read an article written by an eminent cardiologist from Trivandrum who wrote about a day's experience in his day to day work and it was published in the Jouranal of the American Colege of Cardiology(JACC) which is accepted as a premium journal.

    The title of the article was "State of the Art or Straight from the Heart".Here he talks about the real situation of Cardiology practice in India and the mindset of doctors and patients.

    I came across an article about the state of affairs of Tiger conservation in India on the BBC.A television programme was aired in February 2011 about the strory of a Ranthanbore Tiger which was ultimately killed by a train about 100kms from Ranthanbhore!

    This documentary is not yet available for Indian viewers.Only the trailer can be seen.

    This film goes on the say that parks like "Ranthanbore" are rich boy's clubs and no real effort is taken to save the tigers.At the beginning of the last century there were 1 lac tigers and only 1400 survive now and as per BBC only half of that number survives for real.

    The article also says that because of "In-breedinng" the tigers want to move away from where they were born and when they do that they come into contact with humans and get killed.

    The Article also says that DVDs of latest films are available but not on documenatries like this one.According to them "No real stuff will be available in India".

    I dont know if any of our own Indiawilds members have photograhed "Broken Tail".

    I still remember the tragic death of Jhurjhura.........

    Please click on the following link to watch a trailer


    The doctor has written about Cardiology and the mind set and this documentary seems to prtray the same mentality......

    'Is it state of the Art Or Straight from the Heart"...May be neither!

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    The one lakh tiger number is mentioned by everybody. It is just a guess. Whether the number of tigers at the early 1900s was 1 lakh or more or less is a million dollar question.

    Some of these movies are more bollywood in style than actual wildlife documentaries. From the trailer it looks like a modern day Indiana Jones story with tigers thrown into the pot boiler along with guns and horses and what not.

    The main problem that our wildlife faces is the lack of contiguity between our forests. The adolescent tigers have to find a territory for themselves. Due to lack of space and less prey density in the forests, the tigers have to move to the periphery of the forest and there they come in contact with cattle and humans. Most of them get killed. If there would have been contiguity, then the tigers could have easily moved in and taken the place of a tiger who died due to natural cause or due to poaching. So Sariska would have been repopulated with tigers on their own.


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