IndiaWilds Monthly Mobile Wallpaper Calendar 2022

Monthly Mobile Wallpaper Calendar 2022

The IndiaWilds 2022 mobile wallpaper calendars will contain various striking images of wildlife. Bookmark this space as every month we will upload a new mobile wallpaper calendar here.

December 2022 mobile calendar wallpaper:

A charging leopard adorns the December 2022 IndiaWilds mobile wallpaper calendar. Leopards are charismatic predators. They are known for stealth and can easily hide in scare vegetation. Most of the times they can come close to human habitations and pick up a dog, goat or small calf. They get rid of wild boar piglets and other wild herbsvores and keep their numbers in balance so that the crop loss of farmers is lowered. Unfortunately, these days with the rapid expansion of human population and we reclaiming the vacant lands in the countryside, the leopards have lost their habitat. The neighboring hills are denuded and devoid of wild prey of leopards like hares, langurs, peacocks, rodents etc so leopards have to survive on livestock and as a result of this conflict with man the leopards find themselves on the losing end. Even twenty years ago leopards could be found close to villages. Unfortunately today their numbers have really gone down and in many places they have become locally extinct. To save the Leopard we have to change our ways, understand the behaviour of leopards and save their habitat.

To download the December IndiaWilds mobile wallpaper calendar click this button below:

IndiaWilds Dec2022 Mobile Wallpaper Calendar (4.5 MB, 3 downloads)



Wallpapers of Previous Months can be found below:

November 2022 mobile calendar wallpaper:

This month an image of Nilgiri Tahr (Nilgiritragus hylocrius) has been chosen for the November 2022 IndiaWilds mobile wallpaper calendar. Nilgiri Tahr is endemic to Tamil Nadu, Kerala. They are generally found in elevations of 1200 meters to 2600 meters in grasslands and shola forests. They are sure footed and can easily climb steep precipices. It helps them in surviving attacks from leopards and other predators. They are more vulnerable when they climb down a cliff to move to another. Poaching is a menace and has reduced their number greatly. Poachers say that with the cost of mutton increasing, it has become very lucrative to hunt the Nilgiri Tahr. Fragmentation of their habitat due to cultivation, roads and human habitations have created major threats.


To download the November IndiaWilds mobile wallpaper calendar click this button below:

IndiaWilds November Mobile Wallpaper Calendar (2.4 MB, 16 downloads)



October 2022 mobile calendar wallpaper:

This month a desert fox has been chosen to grace the October 2022 IndiaWilds mobile wallpaper calendar. Indian Desert Fox (Vulpes vulpes pusilla) typically live on grasslands, scrublands and places often referred to as wastelands. They live in dens. They predate on eggs, birds, rodents, lizards etc.

In our Discovering Rann film, we had covered a battle scene between an Eastern Imperial Eagle and a Desert Fox when the desert fox using its strengths was able to evade the attack of the eagle. Unfortunately, these cute looking intelligent predators are facing a difficult challenge for survival. Their habitat is being increasingly taken over for human settlements, industries and other uses. With the introduction of feral dogs, their life is becoming even more difficult as the feral dogs hunting in packs are able to cut off their escape route and dismember them.

To download the October IndiaWilds mobile wallpaper calendar click this button below:

IndiaWilds Oct 2022 Mobile Wallpaper Calendar (3.0 MB, 17 downloads)



September 2022 mobile calendar wallpaper:

A wild elephant with her child grace the September 2022 IndiaWilds mobile wallpaper calendar. The pregnancy of elephants lasts 22 months. In the scale of pain, pregnancy and breaking of fingers are two events that give us the maximum pain. Instead of the 9 months of human pregnancy period elephants bear close to 2.5 times more time. The longer pregnancy period is because it takes time to develop complex organs. The pain that this elephant mother undertakes to rear up its child is unthinkable, especially in present times as its habitat is destroyed by us. Many species of plants, shrubs, herbs, fruit bearing trees which elephants depend upon as their food is being wiped away due to habitat loss. The species richness in the forests are going down. The traditional elephant corridors are encroached upon. So conflict is inevitable. We celebrate the festival of the elephant headed God Lord Ganesha. However, elephants are dying a painful death due to conflict as well as starving because of loss of habitat.

To download the September IndiaWilds mobile wallpaper calendar click this button below:

IndiaWilds Sep2022 Mobile Wallpaper Calendar (5.0 MB, 26 downloads)



August 2022 mobile calendar wallpaper:

 An image of a Grizzled Giant Squirrel (Ratufa macroura) on a tree branch adorns the August 2022 IndiaWilds mobile wallpaper calendar. These cute creatures are limited in their distribution to Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Kerala and Srilanka. Their body length is up to one and half feet long and the tail an additional one and half feet. The Grizzled giant squirrels are primarily arboreal. They feed on fruits, nuts, insects, bird eggs etc. They are known to skillfully eat coconuts. They are primarily arboreal. So habitat loss is causing huge challenges for them. They rarely come down from the tree tops. When they come down, they easily fall prey to feral dogs. So contiguous canopy cover is a very important requirement. It is also important to have species diversity so that the grizzled giant squirrels get food throughout the year.


To download the August IndiaWilds mobile wallpaper calendar click this button below:

IndiaWilds Aug 2022 Mobile Wallpaper Calendar (2.7 MB, 91 downloads)



July 2022 mobile calendar wallpaper:

An image of a jackal in a grassland in early morning light has been selected as the IndiaWilds July 2022 mobile wallpaper calendar. Too often people ignore jackals. At one point of time Jackals were numerous. It was easy to sight them near villages and outskirts of towns. On mornings and evenings one could hear the howling of large packs of jackals. Unfortunately, with increased urbanization, their habitat has vanished. The revenue lands as well as lands under private ownership got clear felled of trees and other vegetation to make way for houses and other buildings. Large grasslands got converted into apartment blocks and industries. Ponds and other waterbodies were drained, filled and converted to buildings. As a result neither the prey nor the predator species could live and hence got locally exterminated.

Earlier people used to throw the dead livestock on the outskirts of villages and towns and jackals along with hyenas and vultures used to perform the role of scavengers and keep our neighbourhood clean. However, these days mostly livestock carcasses are processed for chicken feed and other uses and the few carcasses that are thrown away are appropriated by feral dogs. So, these intelligent and spirited smaller carnivores are in the decline. Sightings of jackals are becoming rare even in wildlife sanctuaries and national parks.

To download the July 2022 mobile wallpaper calendar click this button below:

IndiaWilds July 2022 Mobile Wallpaper Calendar (3.4 MB, 43 downloads)


June 2022 mobile calendar wallpaper:

An image of a wild single horned rhino from Kaziranga Assam has been selected as the IndiaWilds June mobile wallpaper calendar. These giants with huge armor like body plates with often a volatile temper are unique to the Indian subcontinent. You can find them in Assam, West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh and Nepal. Rhinos are also mentioned in Mahabharata. During the British Era the rhino population had shrunk to an all time low. With conservation measures, the population has bounced back. However, population of male rhinos still outnumber the female ones. Poaching remains a major concern. Increased human habitations all around the national parks often ensures that the areas for rhinos to move around becomes limited especially during rainy season when the grasslands get submerged in flood waters.

To download the June 2022 mobile wallpaper calendar click this button below:

IndiaWilds June2022 Calendar (3.3 MB, 40 downloads)



May 2022 mobile calendar wallpaper:

We have chosen image of a young wild elephant mud bathing. The graceful manner in which it lifts and throws mud and water on its body shows how flexible the trunk is and creates a graceful image of this bulky gentle giant. The mud dries in its body and helps cleanse the skin of parasites.

Elephants need lot of water as well as clean water to drink as well as cool down. If the water is polluted then elephants can easily succumb to intestinal problems. These days most of our water bodies are polluted. So you can find elephants with warts and other skin problems. Elephants are designed to feed while on the move. They move to different areas to source food according to the season. So they need lot of space. Unfortunately most of the elephant habitat is outside the protected areas. The Government of India did not accept the Elephant Task Force report which had suggested buying up land to save elephant corridors. Today the elephant habitat has shrunk and the Government lacks the willpower to make holistic changes to save our wildlife. So India’s elephants are constantly fighting a losing battle with people during their migration from one place to the other.

To download the May 2022 mobile wallpaper calendar click this button below:

IndiaWilds May 2022 Mobile Wallpaper Calendar (3.4 MB, 50 downloads)

April 2022 mobile calendar wallpaper:

We have chosen image of a Dhole (Cuon alpinus) commonly known as wild dog as the mobile wallpaper calendar for the month of April 2022. These graceful hunters hunt in a pack. Coordinating among themselves to chase and bring down their prey. These are sociable animals and often love to play with other members of their pack. With every body part perfectly developed and streamlined they look really graceful when they are chasing their prey. They use their strengths to hunt, often biting and tearing chunks of flesh from their prey while chasing to quickly immobilize and kill the prey. Some think this to be ugly. However, that is how nature has designed them. They help keep the prey species in balance. They are natures mechanism to control the herbivores and keep the ecosystem in balance. At one time, they were treated as vermin and a reward was announced for their killing. So their numbers had depleted. Also, our forests have become islands as human habitations have grown and cutoff the forests into small units. So dholes have been exterminated from a major part of their former range.

To download the image click this button below:

IndiaWilds April2022 Mobile Wallpaper Calendar (3.8 MB, 87 downloads)



March 2022 mobile calendar wallpaper:

An image of a Malabar Giant Squirrel (Ratufa indica) is featured in the March 2022 mobile wallpaper calendar. Malabar Giant Squirrel or Indian Giant Squirrels are primarily arboreal and are often seen jumping from one branch to another in tall tree canopies. These small squirrels weigh anywhere between one and half kilograms to slightly more than 2 kilograms. They have a long bushy tail. To escape from predators they nest in tall trees and rarely come down to the ground. This is photo captures one of the rare occasions when this Malabar Giant squirrel had come down to the ground. Anyone who watches it from up close and looks into those big lovely eyes will fall in love with it. If only we can have tall hardgrowth trees close to each other to provide contiguous canopy then these agile and beautiful creatures can be seen even in close to human habitations. And if you plant and nurture trees to grow them tall then they it will also help in carbon sequestration so that we can breathe well.


You can download this March mobile calendar from this download button below:

IndiaWilds March2022 Mobile Wallpaper Calendar (2.5 MB, 105 downloads)




February 2022 mobile calendar wallpaper:

An image of a leopard (Panthera pardus fusca) is featured in the February 2022 mobile wallpaper calendar. Leopards are secretive by nature. They can hide in scarce vegetation. They are frugal in their eating habits and can survive on domestic animals like dogs, goats, sheep, cattle as well as wild species like deers, chinkaras, rabbits, rodents, monkeys, peacocks etc. They also scavenge from carcass. In this image one can see the leopard partially hidden behind a rock and lantana weeds and surveying its surroundings. Known for its stealth, leopards can silently come very close to its prey without it knowing. When there is sufficient undergrowth, leopards can hide easily without being seen. It also helps as a corridor for leopards to move around. That is why it is important to allow the unused revenue lands to remain unmanaged, so that our wildlife can use it for their survival.

You can download this February mobile calendar from this download button below:

February 2022 IndiaWilds Mobile Wallpaper Calendar (3.1 MB, 84 downloads)



January 2022 mobile calendar wallpaper:

The image of a mysterious black panther is featured in the January 2022 mobile calendar wallpaper. Black panthers are generally rare. They are not a different species. They belong to the same species as the common leopard. However, there is a recessive gene which gives rise to the black colour. “Their darker spots and rosettes show up very faintly on a deep blackish-brown ground colour. Both black and spotted forms of leopards often co-exist as polymorphs in the tropical evergreen forests of norteastern and southwestern India, Southeast Asia and Central Africa. A pair of spotted leopards may produce black offspring if both have genes for melanism, but a pair of black leopards can produce only black offspring (Bailey 1993). Possibly because their colouration does not help concealment in more open habitats, black leopards are rare outside the tropical humid forest zones”. Mammals of South Asia Vol. 1

During the British era they were reported as far back as Pakistan and frequently in Assam, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and in the western ghats. In 2017 we photographed this black panther in Kabini in Nagarhole National Park, Karnataka.


The download button for January 2022 mobile wallpaper calendar is below:

IndiaWilds January 2022 Wallpaper Calendar (3.2 MB, 360 downloads)



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