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Panasonic announces Lumix GH6 camera development

Panasonic announces Lumix GH6 camera development

Panasonic has announced the development of a new Lumix GH6 mirrorless camera inn the micro four thirds sensor format. It would be released by the end of 2021.

It’s previous version the Panasonic GH5 camera was launched in 2017 and had become very popular.

Panasonic GH6 camera


Panasonic hasn’t released a lot of information at this point of time to keep the interest levels up. The Lumix GH6 will have DCI 4K shooting capability at 60p at 4:2:2 color space in 10 bits. It can shoot inn 10 bits in 4K 120p. It also gives shooters option to shoot in 5.7k 60p at 10 bits.

There was a time when the Micro four thirds format was popular. However, with the development of sensor technology, creating full frame sensors have become easier and cheaper. So there has been a trend in the last couple of years to move to 35mm full frame sensors and higher. Many previous participants of the Micro 4/3rd format have moved on to launch their own full frame sensor cameras. Panasonic has S1, S5 and s1H cameras. Many users have transitioned to full frame cameras. So no idea why Panasonic decided to continue with  the micro four thirds sensor in the GH6. Perhaps it is to differentiate from its other cameras. Nevertheless, it is to be seen how popular this camera is going to be.

Cinematographers have now become used to the ease of use of the excellent autofocus by Canon and Sony. In an era where a lot of projects have less number of crew due to budget constraints as well as to limit people in the pandemic time, the autofocus often comes in handy. We have no idea what kind of autofocus would be there in the Panasonic GH6 camera.

There is no indication if the GH6 will have any form of Raw recording ability.

We will have to wait and watch what Panasonic has in its offering.

Panasonic Develops New LUMIX GH6 Micro Four Thirds Mirrorless Camera

– As the flagship of the LUMIX G Series, the new camera enables innovative video expression

Osaka, Japan – Panasonic Corporation today announced the development of the LUMIX GH6 that combines the new Micro Four Thirds sensor and a new image processor. This latest flagship model of the LUMIX G Series of Micro Four Thirds mirrorless cameras will be commercialized and released to the global market by the end of 2021.

After establishing the LUMIX brand in 2001, Panasonic introduced the world’s first digital single lens mirrorless camera in 2008*1. Ever since then, it has produced a host of innovative cameras and interchangeable lenses by taking advantage of the outstanding mobility and high video performance which are unique to the mirrorless camera system. These cameras and lenses were originally used for photography but have also been used for film creation. As a result of 20 years of contribution to the imaging culture, LUMIX cameras and lenses have gained a solid reputation from the wide-ranging users including professional photographers and film creators.

In the growing needs of video streaming, creators are more keen on the quality and uniqueness of the video contents they provide. High resolution, wide dynamic range, realistic texture, impressive effects like slow motion, flexible shooting angle made possible with small camera size – all of these are demanded for the ideal camera to meet the creators’ expectations.

To accommodate such needs, Panasonic is developing the new LUMIX GH6 that further enhances the flexibility of video creation. It is absolutely the flagship of the LUMIX G Series and the latest model of the GH line, which is renowned for its stunning mobility and innovative video performance. Combining the newly developed Micro Four Thirds image sensor that boasts high-speed signal readout and Venus Engine image processor, the new GH6 realizes advanced video expression.

Providing 4:2:2 10-bit Cinema 4K/60p recording capability*2, the LUMIX GH6 achieves unlimited video recording when the camera is used under the certified operating temperature*3. It is reliable enough to record continuous footage for a desired duration. It also provides a 10-bit 4K 120p High Frame Rate (HFR) and Variable Frame Rate (VFR) for high resolution slow/quick motion video. Moreover, the GH6 records 10-bit 5.7K 60p video by taking full advantage of the newly developed Micro Four Thirds sensor. Integrating a variety of recording modes and shooting assist functions, the GH6 enables photo/video hybrid-use for various purposes including films, music videos, documentaries and short clips for social medias to meet the creators’ needs.

While the LUMIX G Series based on the Micro Four Thirds standard boasts high mobility, the LUMIX S Series offers high descriptive performance made possible with the full-frame sensor. Along with these two series, Panasonic is committed to addressing further to provide maximum product value as a tool for photography/videography for the users to unleash their creativity and challenging the ever-changing photo/video culture in today’s new digital era.

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