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Screening of “A Call in the Rainforest” in Haida Gwaii International Film Festival, Canada

I am pleased to share that “A Call in the Rainforest” was screened in Haida Gwaii International Film Festival in Canada on 26th of Februrary, 2012. For further details on the film as well as the opening one minute sequence, please check here:

I got the following feedback from Dafne Romero, Artistic Director of HGFF after the film was screened in Haida Gwaii Film Festival, Canada:


Dear Sabyasachi,

Your film was very well received it was one of the top favorite of 36
films we screened. Your film was a very inspirational topic for
environmental issues in our small Archipelago the population of our
island is less than 4,000 habitants and the 45 percent of the soth is
being protected by the UNESCO. We do have sitka white tale deer
overpopulated that is eating cedar trees and indigenous plants of
Haida Gwaii, we also have a oil pipe line Embridge proposed project
that is a high treat for our west coast waters in case of a oil spill.
Your film had a great sample of solutions to issues which brings new
avenues to think and address ours

Best Regards,

Dafne Romero
Artistic Director


The film “A Call in the Rainforest” is now available on DVD for a nominal charge. For further details please check here:

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