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A Call in the Rainforest – Screening at bangalore

A Call in the Rainforest is the first offering of IndiaWildsô.

It is a 18 and half minute film. Shot in Full HD (1080p at 24p) using a Canon EOS 1D Mark IV.

The film documents the plight of one sub-group of the endangered Lion-tailed Macaques in the Anamalais in Western Ghats. The preview of the film “A Call in the Rainforest” and the inspiration for making it can be seen in this link:

The first screening of the film “A Call in the Rainforest” will be held at Alliance Francaise de Bangalore on 1st October at 5 PM.

Eminent biologists will be speaking after the screening. Further details will be shared later. You all are cordially invited to come for the screening and the talks. Please drop me a line to confirm your participation (email :: † You can also post your confirmation by commenting here.

See you at Alliance Francaise de Bangalore on 1st October at 5 PM.


Narration, Cinematography, Direction, Sound:: Sabyasachi Patra

Production Manager & Stills:: Mrudul Godbole

Music:: Anil Nallan Chakravarthy

Editing:: Vinish Vinayan

Additional Stills:: N. Laxminarayanan & R. Arumugam

Creative Inputs:: Ranbir Mahapatra &†Jayanta Gupta

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Sabyasachi Patra

Sabyasachi is an award winning Cinematographer and shoots for international broadcasters, feature films and corporates to make a living. He is a passionate wildlife filmmaker and photographer and has won awards and accolades for his documentary 'A Call in the Rainforest'. He has been striving to make his films and photographs full of life and emotion and write articles to educate and evangelise the need for conserving the last tracts of vanishing wilderness and wildlife in our country. He hopes that his wildlife films, photographs and writings force people to pause, look, ponder and ultimately take action.
Sabyasachi Patra
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