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SIGMA announces fp L 61 Mp Fullframe Mirrorless Camera

SIGMA announces fp L 61 Megapixel Mirrorless Camera

SIGMA announces the “SIGMA fp L,” the world’s smallest and lightest* single-lens mirrorless camera with an approx. 61MP full-frame image sensor.  The Sigma fp L has a Back-illuminated 35mm full frame sensor with  hybrid phase and contrast detection auto focus.

Following are the specifications of the Sigma fp L  mirrorless camera:

Sensor: Back illuminated full frame CMOS sensor (36 x24 mm)

Resolution: 61 Mega pixel (9520 x 6328)

Lens mount:  L mount

Still image file format: Lossless compression RAW(DNG) data 12 bit,14 bit / JPEG(Exif2.3), RAW(DNG)+JPEG:recording is possible

Image Stabilisation: Digital in video mode

ISO:  Auto, 100 to 25600, Extendable from ISO  6 to 102400

Shutter: 1/8000 to 30 seconds. In Bulb mode 0 to 300 seconds.

Continuous shooting:  upto 10fps in full 61 MP resolution for 12 frames in Raw and 14 frames in JPEG mode.

Interval recording: Interval recording mode for timelapse use.


Raw video: UHD 4k upto 25p in 8 bit Raw. Full HD upto 60fps in 12  bit  Raw, 60 fps Raw in 10 bit, 120 fps Raw in  8 bit.

H.264/Mov 4:2:2 in 8 bits: UHD upto  30p, Full HD upto  120p.

External video recording:

DCI 4k at 24 bits in 12 bit Raw, UHD 4k upto 30p in  12 bit Raw, Full HD upto 120p.

Monitor: 3.15 inch , 2100,000 dot, fixed touch screen type LCD monitor

Media: SD, SDHC, SDXC memory card (UHS-Ⅱ supported) , Portable SSD (USB 3.0 connection, USB bus power supported)

Size: 4.4 inch x 2.8 inch x 1.8 inch

Weight: 427 gms

Price: 2499 USD.



SIGMA Announces fp L 61-Megapixel Mirrorless Camera & EVF-11 Electronic Viewfinder

SIGMA Corporation is pleased to announce the launch of the “SIGMA fp L,” a new member of the SIGMA fp series of the world’s smallest and lightest* full-frame digital single-lens mirrorless cameras, equipped with a full-frame Bayer sensor with approximately 61 effective megapixels. And thanks to this 61MP image sensor, the SIGMA fp L boasts outstanding resolving power, while remaining true to the SIGMA fp development concepts, namely the “world’s smallest and lightest pocketable full-frame camera,” “seamless STILL / CINE switch,” and “excellent customizability and scalability.”

With an excellent crop zoom that capitalizes on its ample megapixels, it offers users levels of image quality and creative range that are only possible with an ultra-high pixel camera. It also comes with an array of new features and accessories, which will make shooting more user friendly, including hybrid autofocus (AF) that combines contrast- and phase-detection, and USB charging while the camera is on. A new optional external electronic viewfinder EVF-11 will be available with the camera’s introduction.

1 | SIGMA fp development concepts and its three keys

Breaking down ideas of camera-centric hierarchies and categories, SIGMA makes a point of questioning what the genuine value of a camera is. What is essential to photographers? How can we make a camera that not merely meets the need, but makes your life more fulfilling and fun? By asking these questions, SIGMA has brought the SIGMA fp to life. Endlessly flexible and adaptable, a user-oriented camera for people who know what they want to shoot and what they want to create. Making a camera such as this a reality relies on three key concepts that represent the SIGMA fp series identity.

  • Pocketable Full-Frame
    Small in size, big on quality. Perfect for carrying anywhere.
    The SIGMA fp: world’s smallest and lightest* full-frame mirrorless camera you can take with you anytime, anywhere.
  • Scalable
    From vintage lenses to modern gadgets, up to professional movie setup. Creating your own style has never been so easy.
    Customize your fp just the way you want it, to suit what you want to do.
  • Seamless
    Capturing your best moment. Photo or video? The choice is yours.
    Change shooting modes with just a flip of a switch. Capture the moment whether it’s video or stills, beyond the boundaries of style or genre.

2 | The new fp L makes the fp a family of two

The fp, the series’ concept model, is now joined by the fp L that takes full advantage of high-resolution, giving the world’s smallest and lightest “pocketable full-frame” lineup a boost.

  • fp L – A big canvas for big moments
    Back-illuminated 35mm full size effective approx. 61 megapixels Bayer sensor
    Contrast detection autofocus + Phase detection autofocus
    Supports USB power supply
  • fp – A small camera for a big freedom
    Back-illuminated 35mm full size effective approx. 24.6 megapixels Bayer sensor
    Contrast autofocus
    The original “World’s smallest and lightest full-frame mirrorless”

3 | Key features of the fp L

Four features newly available on the SIGMA fp L

[ Accessories and new features common for the fp series ]

Accessories and new features that will become available* on both the SIGMA fp L and the SIGMA fp

*Scheduled to be available on SIGMA fp via firmware update scheduled at a later date.

External Electronic Viewfinder

EVF-11: An attachment you’ve been waiting for.
An external electronic viewfinder EVF-11 (optional) designed exclusively for use with the SIGMA fp series. With its 0.5 inch, approx. 3.68 M dots OLED panel, this high-resolution, high-luminance viewfinder will make you feel immersed in your photography experience more thoroughly than ever.

Save / Load Settings are easier than ever
Share your work? Share your world.

With the fp L, you can now save a custom camera setting. Saved settings can be kept as QR code image data, so you can load many patterns of settings very quickly. This allows for a new, fun way for users to share custom settings they recommend with one another by exchanging QR codes with other users or sharing them on social media.

*QR Code is a registered trademark of Denso Wave Inc.

Powder Blue & Duotone

New colors. New adventures.
Powder Blue is a color mode with a bright and clear feel, featuring a refreshing blue color, while Duotone turns the colors of an image into a striking two-color gradient. With the addition of these two new modes to SIGMA’s ample choice of color modes originally featured on the fp series, there are now a total of 15 color modes to choose from. It is sure to bring a greater range and freedom to your still and video image creation with the fp series.

[ Key functions and features for different uses ]

What is the situation like? Who is using it? The SIGMA fp L is flexible and adaptable to suit whatever the photographer wants. Here are what make it so.

A still camera for stunning pictures

Back-illuminated 35mm full-frame Bayer sensor with approx. 61 effective megapixels that supports image plane phase-detection AF

15 Color Modes to choose from: Two additional modes newly available*

Save / Load Settings*

Smooth autofocus: Hybrid AF

External Electronic Viewfinder EVF-11 (optional)*

*Scheduled to be available on SIGMA fp via firmware update scheduled at a later date.

Webcam for communication with quality image

Turn the SIGMA fp into a webcam with just a USB-C cable. The SIGMA fp series supports the USB video device class. Simply connect your camera to PC via USB and it sends audio and video to the PC, and works as a webcam.

Supports USB charging while the camera is on: Works as an audio and video input device while getting power supply from the PC*. Stream video for as long as you want.
*Dependent on the PC’s supply capacity

Hybrid AF: Tracks your subject smoothly and keep them in focus even when streaming online

Save / Load Settings*: Loads a webcam setting fast using a QR code

Change camera settings even when connected: Exposure compensation; shutter speed; ISO sensitivity; Color Mode; white balance

15 Color Modes to choose from*: Create a streaming video look the way you like it

*Scheduled to be available on SIGMA fp via firmware update scheduled at a later date.

Cinema camera as a powerhouse in a shoot

Supports 3 RAW file formats

Supports camera control with a gimbal

Hybrid AF: Supports recording using a gimbal and one-person operation

Supports different frame rates*: Supports frame rates commonly used in filmmaking

Saving & Loading Settings*: Perfect for sharing camera settings in a multi-camera shoot

*Scheduled to be available on SIGMA fp via firmware update scheduled at a later date.

Director’s viewfinder essential tool for a film director

Director’s viewfinder*: Simulates shooting ranges of cinema cameras by major manufacturers

Frame guide*: Supports custom frame lines

Selection of external viewfinders*: Choice of electronic and optical viewfinders

Screenshot*: Capture what’s on your screen in a single image

Saving & Loading Settings*: Batch save complicated settings using QR code to store or load them at will

*Scheduled to be available on SIGMA fp via firmware update scheduled at a later date.

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