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Trident Jaipur Memories

Trident Jaipur Memories


I am often on the road driving to different little known places for filming activities. Not every place boasts of luxury hotels that can soothe your weary body and rejuvenate it. On one such filming trip, I decided to halt for a day in Trident Jaipur for a personal celebration. And what an experience it was!


Most of the five star hotels offer all the amenities. So if one is often staying in a five star, then the bed, fixtures and furniture, TV, room size etc look equally comfortable, though aesthetics varies. So a regular traveller like me is not often jumping with joy to broadcast an experience to the entire world. This trip was however different.


The hotel staff were courteous and engaged in small talk to understand my occupation. After all who drives in to a hotel in a Tata Safari full with cameras and other shooting equipment. Within 15-20 mins of checking into the hotel room, the door bell rang. When I opened it, I was surprised to see the manager. Since they came to know that I do wildlife and travel shoots, the manager picked up a book about Wildlife of Sariska, Rajasthan from the book store and gifted me. These folks know a thing or two on how to make the guests feel at home.

Jal Mahal

This hotel is strategically located just opposite to the famous Jal Mahal. And I got a room facing it. It was nice to watch the Jal Mahal from the small but cosy balcony of the room. Anyone who is interested in photography will love the slow change in Sun light illuminating the Jal Mahal. Though it was summer and it was quiet warm outside, the lovely sight of the Jal Mahal made us sit in the balcony for a long time.

On a hot summer day, no sane person will give the swimming pool a miss. In the warm weather I could see a few swifts trying to come to the swimming pool, but there was a net covering over the swimming pool to stop any leaves falling in the pool. Since I love to visit the swimming pool when it is the least crowded after evening, there was another surprise in store. The hotel had arranged for local singers to sing near the swimming pool. Listening to the songs, while cooling down in the swimming pool in summer is a nice experience indeed. Overall, it was a very soothing stay at Trident Jaipur.

In the room we were talking about connecting the laptop to the TV. I was not carrying the HDMI cable and was wondering what to do. At that time a young housekeeping lady was in the room. This young lady while cleaning the room was became aware that we were having some issues. So she immediately told me that she will inform the the relevant folks from the hotel who can help me. Within five minutes, a maintenance person came and connected my laptop to the TV and I was able to watch a film playing from my laptop. I have seen many housekeeping persons from various hotels. However, this lady was exceptional. Nattily dressed like all Trident staff, she had high situational awareness. Along with doing her job, she had kept a keen eye and ear on us and wanted to be of help. Tidying up the room was her job. However, she wanted we the guests to be happy. I was pretty impressed and also informed the Trident manager in the reception.

The stay was nice and though I was originally booked for one night, I stayed for another day as well. Since then, I have stayed several times in this hotel.


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