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Sharing a news report from The Sentinel regarding the impact of coal mining on West Khasi Hills.

Coal mining affecting environment in West Khasi Hills

From our Staff Correspondent

SHILLONG, July 23: Coal is being randomly and unscientifically extracted from the coal rich areas of Nongri, Nonghyllam and Nongkulang area in West Khasi Hills district and then exported through Borsora and Cherragoan export points located along the India-Bangladesh border of Meghalaya.

Besides few adventurous locals, the exploiters of the ‘black diamond’ are mainly Shillong-based entrepreneurs, serving politicians, aspiring legislators and government officials. These coal barons have exploited this rich area without parting a share of the money to develop the area and its environment.

“They have used the pathetic public road as bases for their entry points to the mining areas,” stated a villager. Other villagers who spoke out rightly called the coal barons as ‘exploiters’ and people responsible for the huge influx of foreign nationals. The village council sought the district administration’s intervention on the issue.

The village council categorically stated that the construction of these mining entry pits by the side of PWD road is one of the main causes of landslides that cut off Nongjri-Nonghyllam from the rest of the State. These mining entry pits also belong to the rich and famous coal barons.

“The road was cleared on last Saturday,” informed the Deputy Commissioner of West Khasi Hills S Kharlyngdoh during a telephonic interaction on Monday.

Asked on the present status of agriculture, Salsang Marak of Alogreng village said, “We have to buy firewood and potable drinking water due to rampant deforestation carried out to facilitate coal mining and its supplementary purposes.”

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