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Thread: Manfrotto Video conference background

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    Default Manfrotto Video conference background

    Since the Covid induced lockdown in 2020, video conferencing has become a mainstay scores of people. Looking at the craze of virtual backgrounds in video conferencing, and at times the weird effects it gives, Manfrotto has announced that it is launching foldable physical backgrounds. These backgrounds come in several colors like grey, green screen, black, smoke and of course the typical bookshelf. During video conferencing suddenly people want to project that they are of the studious types and have a rackful of books. So the bookshelf themed background has become very common.

    These backgrounds are 2m by 2m and have a lightweight aluminum frame. They have low profile feet so that when not in use, the setup can be packed under existing furniture. The total weight is 4.6 kg. It will block unnecessary light as well as visual distractions to present a tidy image. And if you are sitting in a desk without a wall behind you, then this screen can stop showing anyone walking behind you. It is self-standing and easy to erect.

    The fabric is double sided, so one can decide to use either of the two sides with different colours or textures.

    The cost is mentioned as 149.99 pounds. Based on Indian currency exchange rates that would be prohibitive for majority of people. Indian pricing though hasn't been announced. Since this is not a big tech solution, one can easily make it. I had even advised one person to simply print it from a local printer and paste in the wall behind. Nevertheless, I am sure there would be some low cost Indian solutions available soon.

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