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Sabyasachi receiving award from Maharashtra CM VAASA Film Festival Canon C300 Review Canon EF 24-105 F4 L IS USM lens review

  • indiawilds IndiaWilds™ Vision:
    IndiaWilds has been conceived to raise awareness about the perilous state of Wild India through wildlife photography, conservation articles, nature documentary films, discussion forums and empowering people with facts and knowledge to raise their voice towards preservation of Wild India.

    The articles, wildlife photography, films and personal experiences will also help in increasing our understanding of animal behavior, explaining the complex web of ecological relationships between various organisms big and small and the need to preserve the entire ecosystem, not just cherry pick an individual species and save it.

    IndiaWilds™ believes in the power of wildlife photography and documentary films to document, educate and motivate people into taking action to conserve India's wildlife and wilderness areas.

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Image of the Month

Image of the Month

The honour for the Image of the Month May 2014 goes to the image titled "Raining Elephants" by Rajan Kanagasabai. read more »

Equipment Reviews »

IndiaWilds Photography Equipment review image

BBS Area 48 Light for filming

This light named Area 48 is from a company called BBS and has a new Remote Phosphor technology and I have been using this for nearly a year...read more »

Newsletters »

Wild India Newsletter Vol 6 Issue VII

IndiaWilds Newsletter Vol.6 Issue VII

This issue of IndiaWilds newsletter talks about No EID for 2063 Crore Project. Gujarat Government under the leadership of Mr Narendra Modi had announced constructing a 182 meter high statue of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel in Sadhu-bet island...read more »

Book Reviews»

book review

The Last Wave - An Island Novel by Pankaj Sekhsaria

Through the eyes of the protagonist Harish, the readers of Pankaj Sekhsaria's novel "The Last Wave" learn about the history of this Islands, its original inhabitants, the many waves of British..read more »


Making of - Leopards: The Last Stand

Making of - Leopards: The Last Stand

My film "Leopards: The Last Stand", which is in production is an effort to document and highlight the plight of the leopard..read more »

Conservation Articles »

Conservation Article

How to know an elephant is going to charge

Human-elephant conflict is increasing due to ever increasing human-habitations encroaching on the forest lands, forest fires destroying habitats... read more »

Latest Articles

  • conservation articles water pollution in lakes

    When India's great water bodies like the Dal lake in Kashmir, Lake Loktak in Manipur and Chilka in Orissa were found to contain toxic minerals,

    the layman first became familiar with eutrophication. These lakes are... read more »

  • Wild India Sambar attack Dholes

    Wild India | Sambar attacking wild dogs - I have been visiting many national parks, wildlife sanctuaries and other protected areas of Wild India and have documented many rare natural history moments involving predators. However,...

    read more »

  • conservation articles road kills

    Road Kills between 9 / 6 and Chinnar Check posts and in Aliyar -

    Attakatti check posts, Anamalai Tiger Reserve, Tamilnadu Highway that goes through forest bisects the habitat and pose severe problem ...read more »