Making of..”Leopards: The Last Stand”

Making of..Leopards: The Last Stand

There is a significant amount of wildlife living outside our protected areas in our revenue lands. The lesser carnivores like mongoose are often ignored by people, however, when a large carnivore like a leopard stays in the scrub forest of the hills surrounding a village or an urban area they often come in contact with humans. Most of the times people fear these carnivores and due to this fear they undertake retaliatory killings and trappings.

331 Leopards died in 2012.

4052 Leopards poached and killed from 1994 till 2012. Four Thousand and Fifty Two. It seems we Indians are at war with our leopards, as well as with other wildlife. We need to bring focus on the plight of this charismatic species.

Leopards due to its small size and frugal diet can survive in scarce vegetation and close to human habitations having lesser amount of prey.

In India Today, Save the Tiger has been the buzz word garnering mind share as well as funds allocation, it is another matter that the tiger is fast hurtling into oblivion. In such a tiger-centric scenario, the charismatic leopard, is ignored and is fighting a grave battle for survival.

My film ‘Leopards: The Last Stand’, which is in production is an effort to document and highlight the plight of the leopard. I am pleased to release a short ‘Making of..’ film to give a sneak peek into my film ‘Leopards: The Last Stand’.

[Note– For best viewing please change the resolution to 720p, by clicking on the wheel sign on the you tube controls.]

The leopard footage is is from Canon Cinema EOS C300 camera and has been marked as C300 footage. The other behind the scenes footage has been shot with a Canon EOS 1D Mark IV DSLR.

Major parts of the film has already been canned. “Leopards: The Last Stand” is being filmed in various places in North, East and the Western parts of India. I also need to cover the North East soon.

The final film is being shot with a Canon Cinema EOS C300 camera at Full HD (1080p) at insane ISOs (ISO 20000) in low light and no light situations to document nocturnal behaviour. Please try to watch the film in HD (720p) and see the details. The Full HD version, which is not shared online due to the large size has amazing amount of details and should be seen in the big screen. Keep watching this space for more. And before I end, please raise your voice to save the leopard.

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