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Canon launches Industrial cameras with 4.5 million ISO

Canon launches 4.5 million ISO capable Industrial video cameras

Canon has introduced the next generation of Multi-purpose cameras with phenomenal 4.5 million ISO in full HD resolution. These cameras named as ML-100 and ML-105 come with EF mount as well as M58 mount. These cameras can operate at a minimum subject illumination of 0.0005 lux  (45 lakh ISO or 75 dB gain setting).

Canon ML camera in EF mount

Canon ML camera with 45 lakh ISO capability in EF mount

These two cameras utilise the next generation 19 micron sensor technology for full colour low light image capture. There are many applications for these cameras in the industries where colour images are needed in both daytime as well as in the night. The modular design of the cameras allows implementation and integration into industrial machine vision environments. In industrial areas it is very important to also get the colour for eg. the colour of the cap or dress or car of an intruder is very important in security applications. These kinds of no light environments makes the camera also invisible and able to capture unauthorised intruders without they being aware.

Since the ML series cameras are available in two models (ML 100 and ML105 and in two different lens mounts and two video output configurations to choose from, so Canon calls it as four camera options. The ML-100 camera features a CoaXpress terminal, which allows for the transmission of video, camera-control data and power on a single coaxial cable, ideal for use in industrial systems. The CoaXpress terminal produces 12-bit RAW data output at up to 73 fps and allows for more flexibility during processing. The ML-100 features approximately 2.74 million pixels of maximum video output and supports Region of Interest, which can improve frame rate output up to 164 fps at 720p resolution. The ML-105 camera features a 3G/HD-SDI video terminal and can be suited for standard video environments where Canon image processing, including YCC 4:2:2 10-bit output, is required. The ML-105 features the Canon DIGIC DV4 Image Processor, capable of delivering Full HD resolution at 60fps. Both cameras can be ordered with either an EF or M58 mount for total system design flexibility.

With 3G/HD SDI video out terminal

The EF mount gives customers the ability to choose from Canon’s still and cinema lens lineup, while the M58 offers lens customization and design choice to the user.

These cameras though aimed at industrial use, help Canon with enough income to pursue further research in this area and develop this field. Earlier this year the Canon ME20F-Sh camera got an Emmy award because of its impressive high ISO ability. The learnings from these cameras invariably trickle down to consumer DLSRs and mirrorless cameras in a few years time.

The M58 mount version of the Canon ML-100 multi-purpose camera is scheduled to be available at the end of December 2020. The other three models are scheduled to be available in April 2021[ii].

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