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How to use your Canon camera as web cam

How to use your Canon camera as web cam

Many people have high quality Canon EOS cameras as well as Power shot cameras. So when they see the quality of the camera in the laptops or computers which are used for video conferencing, there is often a sigh. However as the world is in a lockdown due to the unprecedented Corona virus pandemic, virtual meetings have become the norm. So now people are spending most of their time infront of the computer and talking with each other. In business situations where you have to often put show your best face to people, the low quality of the web cams are increasingly becoming the weakest link in the chain.

So Canon has stepped in with its EOS Webcam Utility beta software. This software will work with select EOS Interchangeable Lens Cameras (ILC) and PowerShot cameras. This beta version of the EOS Webcam utility software converts compatible EOS ILC and PowerShot camera through a simple USB connection into a webcam.

This software will work with popular video conferencing applications and will deliver high image quality. However, at present the software only works with windows and not with mac.

One needs a single USB cable to plug the camera to the windows operating system of the computer.

Once the software is downloaded and the camera is configured within a video conferencing application, the user will be ready to go. This has been developed by Canon software developers. There is no indication if Canon is working on a version for mac OS.

“In unprecedented times, it’s imperative for Canon to provide our customers with useful, simple and accessible solutions to assist them in whatever imaging needs they have,” said Tatsuro “Tony” Kano, executive vice president of the Canon U.S.A., Inc. Imaging Technologies & Communications Group. “Our goal is that the EOS Webcam Utility Beta software can help reduce some of the remote workday stress for employees who are tasked with video conferencing and virtual meetings.”

The EOS Webcam Utility Beta software, can be downloaded from this link:

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