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Discovering Rann

Discovering Rann


Discovering Rann is the latest documentary offering of Wild Tiger Productions and is aimed at various TV channels.

The trailer of the documentary can be seen here:


Technical details:

Discovering Rann has been filmed with a Canon Cinema C300 camera.

Duration: 26 mins

Format: Full HD 1080p 25p

Genre: Wildlife/Travel



Discovering Rann showcases the unique landscape and biodiversity of Rann of Kutch. It not only contains shots of beautiful animals and birds but also stands out due to the emphasis on showing the behaviour of wildlife, their unique adaptations to survive in the harsh desert ecosystem of kutch, the challenges faced including life and death struggles. The struggle of the species is also seen from the perspective of wildlife conservation.

It contains several small stories of the different species captured through painstaking efforts spread over many days and nights over the last 3 years in different parts of the Rann. We often like to root for the underdog. In this case the audience would love to root for the small Indian desert fox which uses its strengths to come out victorious by successfully thwarting the attack of a much larger Eastern imperial eagle.

The plight of the jackal as a scavenger much lower down the pecking order will also make people feel for it. The impact of feral dogs, the knowledge of which till date have been limited to biologists, has been highlighted and together with the impact of our wasteful ways can now reach a wider audience through this documentary and hopefully lead to change in habits.

This documentary aims to showcase the denizens of Rann of Kutch in a new light and hopes that viewers can learn some life lessons from it, especially from the battle strategies adopted by the protagonists in the Eastern Imperial Eagle vs Desert Fox battle.



Rann of Kutch is a vast desert ecosystem with salt pans, marshes, grass lands in Gujarat and parts of it extends upto southern Pakistan. It is primarily divided into two parts – the Greater Rann of Kutch (GRK) and the Lesser Rann of Kutch (LRK).

Many photographers and visitors visit Rann of Kutch. We often see many picture postcard type photographs of various species. However, we didn’t find anyone digging deeper to tell the ecological aspects, the relationships between various species and how they manage to survive in this harsh landscape. So I spent days and nights driving an SUV in these areas and waiting for the nocturnal species to show up. A number of shots were filmed in darkness with just one torch light to capture authentic behaviour.



Director, Cinematographer, Editor, Producer: Sabyasachi Patra

B Camera and Sound: Mrudul Godbole

Narration: Alex Warner

Music: Anil Nallan Chakravarthy

Copyright: Wild Tiger Productions MMXIX

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