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Stress relief by Mind Programming

Stress relief by Mind Programming


Normally I don’t talk about my commercial non-wildlife assignments. However, this is an exception. I am not going to talk about how I used my cinema camera or the lighting etc etc.


I was tasked with creating a advertisement which talks about the enormous amount of stress that students face and how that can be solved through mind programming. I am not oblivious to stress. There have been times when I have battled nerves during my student days. I very clearly remember an incident when I was competing in a state level debate competition and my charts fell down and I was rattled for a moment. Needless to say that I couldn’t qualify for the semi-finals of that debate competition. There have been moments in the playing arena when I have been rattled by unruly public and lost games. So I readily agreed to do this ad as I knew people can really benefit if they can control their minds.

We have been reading from our childhood days that we need to control our minds. But how? Talking is easy. So when an expert says that if you control your mind, then you can do anything, you will immediately feel that this is another cliché. However, when you see the expert bend a steel spoon easily just by using his thumb then you know that this is no joke. Watch the ad here.



I asked Amit Garg, the Unlearning Coach and Founder of Kushalta Academy to do two takes for bending the spoon. And both the times he did it effortlessly. Later I tried bending a spoon and it was difficult. When I was trying to bend the spoon using my thumb and mind, I had switched off the camera, as I didn’t want others to see me struggling and laugh at my expense. However, soon I gave up and said that it is not happening. So Amit spent some time relaxing me and did some mind control exercises. I was battling with my mind to focus. I could hear the background noises and the TV sound from the other room. After a few minutes as I relaxed more and more, at one point I could feel that the thoughts and sounds were going away and immediately I pressed and the spoon bent completely. I opened my eyes and couldn’t believe that the spoon was completely bent and had touched the handle ie. roughly from 180 degress it had become zero degrees. It was even more effortless than cutting butter with a hot knife.


Immediately, I knew that this was something special. Bending a spoon with your thumb is just a physical manifestation of the inherent power of our mind. It just tells us how much power is wasted just because we are not using our mind. If we can focus our mind then nothing is impossible. All along my mind was telling me that bending a spoon with just my left thumb is not possible. Only when you can train your mind to not disbelieve that something can’t be done, then you would effortlessly do it.

Spoon bending using mind control

Spoon bending by Amit Garg using Mind Programming

All of us have certain preconceived notions in our mind. Some feel that they can’t be rich. Some others feel that they can’t be healthy or complete a trek or do a physically demanding task. Some other people feel that they are not likeable enough as a person. Some others just don’t have confidence in their abilities and fail to market their services. There are all kinds of thoughts that stop a person from achieving his/her goals. Everytime before a shoot, I agonise over how many of my heavy equipment to take to the shoot and how I will carry those. Many times I have compromised and carried lighter lenses and smaller tripods. So the results in such cases are obviously compromised. So big or small, I too have placed certain limitations on my mind. I hope, I can overcome those. So I have decided to attend his next one day workshop, at the earliest, in which ever city I don’t care. Lets see how it goes.

Even if you are in some other State or country and can’t attend his workshops, don’t despair. Please believe in yourself. Each of us are unique. If we can train our mind and believe in ourselves, then we can unlock our own potential. If you know that you can also become as good or better than the best student in the class or best performer in a corporate, then I am sure you won’t be jealous and you will simply try to do better. Hopefully, this will make India a better place to live in.

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