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Journey to Good Health

Journey to Good Health

While filming and roaming around in the wilds, I have realized that it is important to be healthy. Else, in crunch situations your body won’t be ready for the challenge. Apart from regular excercises, it is important to cleanse your body of toxins by consuming organic juices. Many of you have been messaging me asking for tips to detox body, so I am sharing a few links that has helped me in the past.

Giloy juice with Neem and Tulsi

The delta variant of the Covid resulted in blood sugar of people shooting up to around 300 levels. Consuming Giloy with neem and tulsi juice regularly helps. At least consume it in the morning in empty stomach. One can also take twice a day.


Amla Juice:

Also another after effect of Covid Pandemic is that your body immunity goes down and you lose a lot of vitality and there is lot of hair fall. Consuming Amla juice in empty stomach at least in the morning helps. One can take twice a day as well. I prefer to buy in 1 liter bottles so as to reduce unnecessary plastic bottle disposal.

Amla+Giloy combo

Acidity: Amla & Aloe vera

Several years ago, I had severe acidity. So for few months I took Amla juice and Aloevera juice in empty stomach. It really cleansed my system and helped contain the acidity.

Recently, I found that the Kapiva brand of juices are also good. You can use their Amla and Aloe Vera juices as well as several speciality use juices.

While shooting for my documentary Discovering Rann, I also found that drinking camel milk helps a lot in containing diabetes as well as acidity. Since many of you can’t get it, the best alternative is to use these juices. Having seen many near and dear ones suffer and pass away, I feel it is important to urge you all to take care of your health.

Do let me know in the comments below, your queries as well as what has helped you.

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