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Mobile Wallpaper – 2020

Mobile Wallpaper for 2020

I was needing a monthly calendar as my mobile wallpaper. Just a calendar would solve my needs. However, I wanted to make the wallpaper exciting. So I have decided to create wallpapers for mobile phones using my wildlife photographs. This will help not only rekindle some of my old memories but also will help in reminding us about our precious wildlife. Wildlife also means adventure. One also can do soul searching in the wilds. So keeping all these things in mind, I decided to start with wallpaper calendar from January 2020.Sharing over whatsapp or uploading to other sites results in crunching or compressing the image and degrading the quality.

Updated this post to embed the February 2020 wallpaper so that people can download it directly without degradation.

Please book mark this post. Every month will be uploading the monthly wallpapers in this post.



Please download the February 2020 wallpaper from the below download button:

IndiaWilds Feb Slim (3.1 MB, 14 downloads)
IndiaWilds Feb Small (1.7 MB, 7 downloads)


Archive: January 2020 wallpaper download button –

IndiaWilds Jan2020 Wallpaper Calendar (2.9 MB, 28 downloads)




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