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Mobile wallpaper Calendar 2021

Monthly Mobile Wallpaper Calendar 2021

The IndiaWilds 2020 mobile wallpaper calendars containing various tiger images had become very popular. In 2021 we have decided to showcase other beautiful and charismatic wildlife in our  mobile wallpaper calendars. Bookmark this space as every month we will upload a new mobile wallpaper calendar here.

In January 2021,  the mobile wallpaper calendar contains the image of a Peregrine Falcon. India’s famous Naturalist Shri M. Krishnan used to describe the Peregrine Falcon as “Terror from the Sky”. It can dive at speed of 300kmph on its prey. May God give you the strength, foresight and luck to home in on opportunities like this Peregrine Falcon.

You can download the high resolution wallpaper from here:

IndiaWilds January 2021 Mobile Wallpaper Calendar (2.6 MB, 42 downloads)
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