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Mobile wallpaper Calendar 2021

Monthly Mobile Wallpaper Calendar 2021

The IndiaWilds 2020 mobile wallpaper calendars containing various tiger images had become very popular. In 2021 we have decided to showcase other beautiful and charismatic wildlife in our  mobile wallpaper calendars. Bookmark this space as every month we will upload a new mobile wallpaper calendar here.


July 2021 mobile calendar wallpaper:

An image of Pelican adorns the July 2021 wallpaper. This pelican was expressing its annoyance to another pelican who was trying to land close by. With their long beaks and the pouch their antics can tickle your funny bone. Once abundantly found in our wetlands in the winter, they are now restricted to our few wildlife sanctuaries. In some places, like Telineelapuram in Andhra, the day of their arrival is considered as a good day and celebrated like a festival.

Download this high resolution wallpaper from this button below:

IndiaWilds July 2021 Wallpaper Calendar (2.9 MB, 50 downloads)





June 2021 mobile calendar wallpaper:

An image of Openbilled stork drinking water has been chosen as the IndiaWilds June 2021 mobile wallpaper calendar. Openbilled storks are quiet common. During our childhood days I remember watching them in the rice fields. They  can also be found in large ponds and wetlands. This image was captured in the  morning when an open billed stork was drinking water. Too often we look for beauty in exotic birds and animals. We forget to recognize the beauty that is near us. Start conserving the natural places around you and bit by bit we can improve the environment. Do let us know in the comments section below.

IndiaWilds June 2021 Mobile Wallpaper Calendar (3.2 MB, 81 downloads)





May 2021 mobile calendar wallpaper:

For the month of May 2021 we have chosen an image of an Ibis flying with a snake in its beak. This image was shot in Chilika lake, Odisha. In the natural world every day is about life and death – hunt or be hunted. Everyday you need to start afresh, get your food and survive. In these days of Covid 19, we need to remember that our past glory means nothing. Just wake up to a new day and start afresh.

Download the high resolution wallpaper from the below buttons. One is a tall girl design and the other is more conventional phone size.


May 2021 Calendar Wallpaper Indiawilds (3.0 MB, 79 downloads)

If you want to download a tall girl design ie. for longer phones, then download the below file:

May 2021 Tall Wallpaper (2.8 MB, 32 downloads)



Past Wallpapers:


May 2021 Calendar Wallpaper Indiawilds (3.0 MB, 79 downloads)
mobile calendar wallpaper:

For the month of April we have chosen an image of a Painted Stork resting. This image was clicked near Pulicat Lake near Sriharikota. It was late morning and the Painted Stork had decided to conserve its energy and rest. Perhaps it is sending a message to us “Conserve your energy and be prepared to face any eventuality”.

The download button for April 2021 mobile wallpaper calendar is below:

IndiaWilds April Mobile Wallpaper Calendar (3.0 MB, 70 downloads)


March 2021 mobile calendar wallpaper:

March 2021 IndiaWilds Mobile Wallpaper (3.0 MB, 41 downloads)

For the month of March 2021 we have choosen an image of an adult Egyptian Vulture (Neophron percnopterus). It is smaller then other vultures and are the last ones to feed on a carcass often scavenging tiny morsels stuck in bones in difficult to reach places. They also engage in active predation of smaller prey. A paper in Nature journal describes that the Egyptian vultures engage in Coprophagy (eating faeces) of ungulate faeces. It says that the brightly ornamental head is coloured yellow by carotenoid pigments, and its practice of feeding on faeces. The details of the paper is (Coprophagy: An unusual source of essential carotenoids

J. J. Negro1, J. M. Grande1, J. L. Tella1, J. Garrido2, D. Hornero2, J. A. Donázar1, J. A. Sanchez-Zapata3, J. R. BenÍtez4 & M. Barcell4)

The Egyptian vulture in a bright white background also resembles an old wise person. Let us take inspiration from this Old Monk to tap the wisdom from old souls.


February 2021 mobile calendar wallpaper:

For the month of February we have choosen the Brown winged kingfisher (Pelargopsis amauroptera) as the mobile wallpaper. In India, its natural habitat is the mangroves and is mostly found in Sundarbans in West Bengal and Bhitarkanika in Odisha.

You can download either a taller version for your tall smartphones or a smaller version for regular smartphones by clicking on the  two download buttons below.


Smaller version of IndiaWilds Feb 2021 wallpaper:

IndiaWilds Feb 2021 Small Wallpaper Calendar (1.5 MB, 30 downloads)

Big version of IndiaWilds Feb 2021 wallpaper

IndiaWild Feb 2021 Mobile Wallpaper Calendar Alternate (2.3 MB, 67 downloads)



In January 2021,  the mobile wallpaper calendar contains the image of a Peregrine Falcon. India’s famous Naturalist Shri M. Krishnan used to describe the Peregrine Falcon as “Terror from the Sky”. It can dive at speed of 300kmph on its prey. May God give you the strength, foresight and luck to home in on opportunities like this Peregrine Falcon.

The download button for January 2021 mobile wallpaper calendar is below:

IndiaWilds January 2021 Mobile Wallpaper Calendar (2.6 MB, 175 downloads)


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