Dear All,
I was coy in sharing this with you all. Nevertheless thought that it is important for people to know this.

The Diary section of IndiaWilds ( ) has been listed as one of the top 36 blogs out of some 50,000 blogs by Indian Top Blogs (ITB). Ofcourse the diary section started as my blog, and it now houses camera and film equipment reviews done by me, our monthly newsletters and articles shared by contributors and is now taking shape as a online magazine. Sharing the email below. Read on..
Dear Sabyasachi,

Interested in hearing a bit about the fruit of our labour? You might not be, but do read on, for the sake of our satisfaction.

It so happened that two years back we started looking for good Indian blogs. We screened a few thousand Indian blogs and came up with a list of the best among them. We called the list as the Directory of Best Indian Blogs. We didn’t invite nominations, we didn’t go by peer recommendations, and we didn’t select blogs by their popularity rankings or number of comments or such other statistical parameters. Later on, we brought out a still distilled list and called it our Platinum List. The process has seen three rounds so far and we have screened over 50,000 Indian blogs, and this year we’ve got around 500 blogs in the Directory and 36 in the Platinum List.

It so happens now that in the Platinum List for 2012-13 that came out a week back, your blog too finds a place. From a shortlist of the nearly 500 top blogs in the Directory, we kept on rejecting blogs that suffered some or the other blemish. If your blog doggedly refused to go out, we are not to blame.

In case you didn’t have the time to have a look at the listing, do click here:

All the best!

ITB team